Web Mockups

What is a website mock-up?

A website mockup shows designers, developers, product managers, clients, and other stakeholders the finished website. A website mockup includes a site's major layouts, page components, branding, colours, fonts, and text and pictures, although it may contain placeholder material such lorem ipsum text and stock photos. A website mockup is static, so it just shows the site's look, not how it works. No animations, pop-up windows, photo sliders, clickable buttons, or working links. In subsequent prototype phases and the final website, these are included.


When do you build mockups for your website?

Producing websites typically involves creating mockups. There are various approaches to design a website, but most include ideation and research, wireframing, mockups, prototyping, and programming. Website and product designers determine what the website needs to perform and include via brainstorming and research. Wireframes will follow. Wireframes outline a website's functionalities, components, content, and structure. Visual components start here. Low- or high-fidelity wireframes exist. Low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes are shown below. Low-fidelity wireframes are turned into website prototypes. Wireframes are turned into mockups by adding information, branding, and design.

Why are website mockups important?

Mockups are a key phase in the design process. For little cost, they let you visualize and finalize the key design aspects of a website, including:

  • Text, images, and other media content
  • Buttons, CTAs, forms, and other prominent page elements
  • Page layout
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Color schemes
  • Branding elements
  • Typography
  • Visual accessibility, including color contrast
  • Visual consistency across pages


Tools for Mock-up Construction

Next are mockup tools. In this design flow, you develop wireframes in one tool before transferring them to the mockup tool. Other programs focus on wireframes, mockups, or prototypes. The following is a list of tools that you should think about using throughout your mockup phase and beyond:

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